September 2012

Fall Garden and Health Goals, Books, and a Novella

September has finally brought cooler temperatures to our area, allowing time outdoors to actually be pleasant, and my husband finished planting our fall garden.  Since my he's short on time and still recovering from shoulder surgery, I had these raised beds built and filled by local company, so all he had to do was plant. [...]

The Benefits of Working with an Online Designer

        Now that I’m done working on my third room with Darlene from Fieldstone Hill, I thought I’d let y’all know how glad I am I decided to go this route—working with an online designer, and Darlene in particular. I’m a creative. I oil paint, crochet, and craft and try DIY things [...]

Book Review: Eat to Live, by Joel Furhman, MD

It’s high time I write about this book, and the eating style promoted in it. It’s gotten pretty popular, and was the number one seller on Amazon yesterday. I picked it up back in December and as soon as I got into the first chapter, I found myself wanting to chow down on piles of [...]

A Sabbath meditation: Shut the Door

A beautiful forgotten Hymn, written in the '20's by William Runyan:   Lord, I have shut the door, Speak now the word Which in the din and throng Could not be heard; Hushed now my inner heart, Whisper Thy will, While I have come apart, While all is still.   Lord, I have shut the [...]

Tropical Green Goodness: My Favorite Daily Smoothie

Time to pass along what has become a serious staple in my kitchen. This thing is packed with loads of vitamins, completely whole-food vegan, and will really charge you up for hours. I make an entire blender full of this as soon as I wake up every morning, and send my husband out the door with [...]

How I lost 40 pounds and became a Cheating Vegan

The Backstory, in a nutshell: Girl develops taste for processed food and sweets, consumes through high school and college. She decides to become a doctor, and starts medical school, where little, if any, actual nutrition is taught. Girl loses weight before her wedding to a handsome classmate-now-doctor. She regains the weight, earns her M.D., and [...]