January 2013

How to Cook Brussel Sprouts You Will Crave

That's a title I never thought I'd write. But the truth is, I DO crave them now. I don't remember ever eating brussel sprouts as a child. Or as an adult. But as I've branched out in the vegetable world and the culinary world over the past few years, I eyed them several times in [...]

To Redeem The Time

When I first left my 80-hour-a-week job at the hospital, our house contained piles everywhere. Paper piles, clothing piles, dishes and disorganization in every room. I knew how to run a medicine floor, and even an ICU. I could throw in a central line pretty quick and even intubate you if need be. But I [...]

On Becoming a Morning Person

I think I just might have done it. I think I might now be A Morning Person. It's hard to say for sure, but when my alarm went off at 5:08 this morning, and I didn't hit snooze, and it wasn't quite as hard as last week to get out of the bed, I began [...]

Health Progress and Goals for 2013

Last year, I really focused on increasing my consumption of veggies. I eliminated most of the processed food from my regular eating, and had a lot more vegan meals, including a full 6 weeks of low-fat vegan eating early in the year. All this, along with increased activity and careful portion control of non-healthy foods, [...]

My 2013 Reading List

I love reading, always have. I grew up surrounded by books and gobbled them up. I don’t always make reading goals for each year, as I frequently just pick up things along and along, as I realize what interests me and what I need to learn about. I read quite widely, across many genres, and [...]

At the Dawn of a New Year

I used to hate January. It was bare and void of twinkling lights, a month still dark. Winter without Christmas, like a pre-Aslan Narnia. At some point, however, I realized the newness of a year and the joy of a list of goals could make it fresh and clean. Calmer than the feasting of November [...]