April 2013

The hard-working kitchen, finally complete

Once we closed on our new house, the first thing we did was have the kitchen demolished to the studs. The layout was just not ideal. A huge wet-bar dominated a lot of space, and all the cabinets were old enought to basically be falling apart. To top it off, half the appliances didn't work. [...]

How to stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

          It was a Thursday, after a string of late nights for my husband at work and my putting the kids to bed on my own. I'd been determined to cook at home, for the obvious health and pocketbook benefits, but in a moment of exhaustion, and with him home before dinner time in the [...]

How to make a real 9-layer Southern Caramel Cake

I know, I know, only a few posts ago I announced my success in finally losing 55 pounds and dipping below the obese range on the BMI charts, and here I am posting about making an insanely large caramel cake. Let it be known that there are times of feasting and times of fasting, and my husband's birthday was a time to [...]

TV Lift cabinet redo: Before and After

We are nearing the end of our first year in a new house, and getting everything in order and decorated has been great fun. I love bringing together beautiful fabrics, textures, patterns into a space, but especially enjoy giving old pieces new life. As mentioned before, I've worked with the talented Darlene of Feildstone Hill Design [...]

What I’ve Been Reading

Every month, I'd like to post a short summary of the books I've recently finished reading. For the list of books I'm aiming to get through this year, click here. I am still working on finishing a large stack of "started" books, and slowly, progress is being made! Running For My Life by Lopez Lomong. [...]

A Tidy Desk and A Clean Slate

Sometimes, all one needs to clean the slate, to turn a new leaf or next page, is simply a tidy desk free of distraction. My writing has taken second fiddle the last few weeks as I've been sequentially sick with every upper respiratory infection that swept through South Carolina, and caring for my kids when they got [...]