May 2013

Fit Friday: back in action

Sometimes life just hits all at once and to keep the important balls in the air you just have to keep juggling those balls and let a couple drop. Last week, the Fit Friday post was the ball that fell and rolled away. I was coming off a two week stint of long days with [...]

DIY Trunk Table (without drilling into or damaging the trunks!)

So I needed a console behind my couch. A place to kind of set off an entry area behind the living room part of our Great Room, just after you open the door. I love the colors and bold patterns we went with for the room's design. We already had the carpet, the couches, curtains, [...]

What I’ve been reading in May

The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell. I finally finished this and am still digesting. I went in very aware of the medical and health benefits of a plant-based diet, but not convinced it has to be 100% vegan to reap the benefits. I'm still not convinced, and think a mostly plant-based diet is enough. It would take [...]

Fit Friday #1

I have to admit, knowing this post lurked at the end of the week kept my habits in check during several weak moments (although unfortunately Wednesday wasn't one of them...). Which is why I'm starting Fit Fridays--to increase accountability in daily calorie logging and exercise. I use the MyFitnessPal app on my smartphone and ipad [...]

Two antique chairs: a story

They sat for years in an aging farmhouse, which many purported to be haunted by the ghost of Jesse James. The house had been furnished with hundreds of beautiful antiques of all kinds, which my grandparents had collected for decades and carefully maintained. They planned to retire in the idyllic home, and summered there for years [...]

A review of DietBet

            Early this year, just after the holidays, I joined my first DietBet. Basically, this is a website/app/company that has you bet money against your own ability to lose weight in a certain amount of time. You can chose the amount of your wager, and join a group of other people, sometimes fitness celebrities, in [...]

A Sabbath Meditation

"God wants to change us into people who are truly noble; people who reflect an unswerving confidence in who He is that equips us to face all of life and still remain faithful. God wants us to be courageous people, who are deeply bothered by the horrors of living as part of a fallen race, [...]

The 3 Pillars of a Fit Pregnancy–And an Introduction To Fit Fridays

I'm settling into the second trimester and the nesting bug has bitten. I'm all about getting the house set up, finishing decorating projects, knocking out some business stuff for the free clinic I volunteer in, and over-all tackling of the "to-do" list. I love getting into this productive zone after a few months earlier in [...]