June 2013

What I’ve learned in June

June arrived not in her usual sweltering way for our area, but with cool mornings and tolerable afternoons. It shocked all of us really, the kindness of this June in South Carolina. Here are a smattering of random and not so random things I learned during this pleasant month. 1. Sometimes the only way to grow [...]


So I might have slipped off the healthy eating wagon for a week or so. I thinking I'm mostly hanging on again, despite being crammed into the back, one foot dragging behind. It started on a Thursday night, when my husband and I had a babysitter, a night out and everything. The next day we'd [...]

Fit Friday

Well, I'm actually posting Fit Friday before midnight for once! Overall its been a much better week as far as my eating choices go. I've really only had 2 overindulgences. The first occurred after my husband and I stumbled across a show called "American Baker" or something or other on TV and the contestants were [...]

The Gilded Lady {a diy}

This bust has traveled with my for quite a while, but was orignially a dark brown color. I sculpted her in a college art class. {My majors were totally different--molecular biology and philosophy--but oh, how I remember LOVING my hours in the windowed art studio, logged enough time there for a minor.} The nose, alas, broke off [...]

Fit Friday

This week went much better than last in terms of my eating choices. I won't say it was perfect--far from it, especially on Memorial Day. But I felt like I was moving out of the rut of feeling tempted by everything. I actually lost a couple pounds this week, which I'm not trying to do [...]