August 2013

Swallowing a frog

The garage is one of those places in most people's homes that is dreaded in terms of cleaning out and reorganizing. But sometimes, before you can really get ahead on a 'to-do' list, you've just got to swallow that frog and clean out the garage. When I added it to The Great Nesting List, I [...]

Pounds of peaches (another fit Friday post)

  I grew up in the state of Georgia, which everybody always called "The Peach State" since its such a big crop down there. Well, turns out my South Carolina produces more peaches! I mentioned in my last fit Friday post that my husband and I headed up to Asheville this past weekend. On the [...]

I heart Fabric Glue

I found this pair of lamps at HomeGoods, which opened a new and busy store in a nearby town this summer. I'd been looking for gold, round-based lamps for this "entryway table" (for more on the trunk table DIY look here). I'm still working off the inspiration Design Board for this room, but hadn't decided [...]

Guest Posting today at Living Well Spending Less

Today I'm guest posting at Living Well Spending Less about "Thin Waist, Fat Wallet", or, ten ways to save money while losing weight. I really enjoy a lot of Ruth's posts on her blog, and find them helpful in the areas of planning, organization, and saving money. So pop over there to hear what I [...]

Fit Friday #11 (on a saturday…oops)

Well, I started this post last night but couldn't keep my eyes open. It had been a full, rich day of adventure. My husband and I are lucky to have some would call a 'babymoon' this weekend, with family graciously keeping our cute kids at home. We headed toward the Grove Park Inn, but on [...]

Fit Friday #10

This week brought insights and progress in solidifying healthy eating habits that were still a little shaky after the first trimester food aversions and second trimester overpermisiveness. I've transitioned to a more plant-based eating plan again. Whole foods, no sugar. I am still fighting to avoid temptations, especially cookies, but it is much easier to [...]

Make the mundane things Cheery

  I seem to add new things to my Nesting List about as quickly as I cross them off these days! It's part of the urge to nest--the continual finding of new things to do. I've loved all the Ditto DIY link-ups this past few months, hosted by several bloggers including Darlene, who designed several [...]

Fit Friday #9

This week was insanely busy. I was at a wonderful classical homeschooling practicum (for Classical Conversations) all day Monday through Wednesday, with kids in the playcamp and nursery who came home exhausted, and then had crazy days yesterday and today. Good choices this week: Making a great menu plan on Sunday after we got back home [...]