September 2013

Fit Friday {and the freezer cooking has begun}

It's been a busy week of knocking everything off my To-Do list I can, just in case baby decides to arrive early. I realized last weekend that even though my babies have never wanted to come anytime before the 40th week, and in fact probably would have stayed in there until 43 weeks had they [...]

Fit Friday

At least I can say this week was an improvement on last week in terms of eating habits! Unfortunately, that's largely because last week was rather bad, not that this week was ridiculously good. I'm remindd how important meal planning is--without it, a meal out occurs and those are just way too hard to maintain [...]

The Nesting List and Living in the Present

It's funny how sometimes I can be tricked into thinking that "real life" will start once I finish my To Do list. That once it is complete, I'll be able to relax and enjoy things like time with my little ones, good books, sitting and watching waves hit a shore. In the midst of a [...]