A Sabbath meditation: Shut the Door

A beautiful forgotten Hymn, written in the ’20’s by William Runyan:


Lord, I have shut the door,

Speak now the word

Which in the din and throng

Could not be heard;

Hushed now my inner heart,

Whisper Thy will,

While I have come apart,

While all is still.


Lord, I have shut the door,

Here do I bow;

Speak, for my soul attent

Turns to Thee now.

Rebuke Thou what is vain,

Counsel my soul,

Thy holy will reveal,

My will control.


In this blest quietness

Clamorings cease;

Here in Thy presence dwells

Infinite peace;

Yonder, the strife and cry,

Yonder, the sin:

Lord, I have shut the door,

Thou art within!


Lord, I have shut the door,

Strengthen my heart;

Yonder awaits the task—

I share a part.

Only through grace bestowed

May I be true;

Here, while alone with Thee,

My strength renew.

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