I started with a total of 90 pounds to lose (Some people have “baby weight”, but my problem was “residency weight” gained while in medical training). So far I’ve dropped 55! I enjoy posting some of the recipes, tips and tricks that have become staples in my kitchen, including my new comfort foods.

I lost the first 40 pounds as a “cheating vegan.” Much of my success has come after embracing a largely plant-based, whole foods diet, low in oil. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think veganism will save the planet, nor do I shy away from leather. There is so much evidence of the health benefits of eating nutrient-dense vegetables, and have found new ways to enjoy them more than ever.

After a few months of pretty strict veganism, I adopted a long-term eating plan that is more “flexitarian.” I continued to slowly lose weight, and then enjoyed a healthy pregnancy with minimal excess weight gain. I LOVE the MyFitnessPal app and have used it a lot. Sometimes I also enjoy tracking my steps with a Fitbit.

I somehow become an accidental runner. Living in Charleston, South Carolina for a decade probably had something to do with it. It’s an amazing place to jog and take in sights (but watch out for those sidewalk cracks downtown). I’ve managed to keep running even after leaving my favorite coastal city, and have completed several 10Ks.

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