Food and Cooking

Fit Friday {and the freezer cooking has begun}

It's been a busy week of knocking everything off my To-Do list I can, just in case baby decides to arrive early. I realized last weekend that even though my babies have never wanted to come anytime before the 40th week, and in fact probably would have stayed in there until 43 weeks had they [...]

Fit Friday #10

This week brought insights and progress in solidifying healthy eating habits that were still a little shaky after the first trimester food aversions and second trimester overpermisiveness. I've transitioned to a more plant-based eating plan again. Whole foods, no sugar. I am still fighting to avoid temptations, especially cookies, but it is much easier to [...]

Fit Friday {and an ode to the watermelon}

Another week on track! I'm pretty happy overall with my choices in eating this week.  Piles of watermelon I've chopped and chilled seems to be a wonderful solution to sweet cravings this time of year. Did you know that watermelon has 40% more lycopene that raw tomatoes do? And the seedless varieties have the highest amounts! Lycopene is a powerful phytochemical [...]

Maple Almond Quinoa Granola

I've love the Ancient Grains Brand of granola from the store, with Quinoa and Amaranth and such in there. But it adds up and I like to know what's in my granola, so I decided to try a batch with these whole grains. I looked at a few different recipes online, combining ideas from several. [...]


So I might have slipped off the healthy eating wagon for a week or so. I thinking I'm mostly hanging on again, despite being crammed into the back, one foot dragging behind. It started on a Thursday night, when my husband and I had a babysitter, a night out and everything. The next day we'd [...]

Fit Friday

Well, I'm actually posting Fit Friday before midnight for once! Overall its been a much better week as far as my eating choices go. I've really only had 2 overindulgences. The first occurred after my husband and I stumbled across a show called "American Baker" or something or other on TV and the contestants were [...]

Fit Friday #1

I have to admit, knowing this post lurked at the end of the week kept my habits in check during several weak moments (although unfortunately Wednesday wasn't one of them...). Which is why I'm starting Fit Fridays--to increase accountability in daily calorie logging and exercise. I use the MyFitnessPal app on my smartphone and ipad [...]

The hard-working kitchen, finally complete

Once we closed on our new house, the first thing we did was have the kitchen demolished to the studs. The layout was just not ideal. A huge wet-bar dominated a lot of space, and all the cabinets were old enought to basically be falling apart. To top it off, half the appliances didn't work. [...]

How to make a real 9-layer Southern Caramel Cake

I know, I know, only a few posts ago I announced my success in finally losing 55 pounds and dipping below the obese range on the BMI charts, and here I am posting about making an insanely large caramel cake. Let it be known that there are times of feasting and times of fasting, and my husband's birthday was a time to [...]

February “Twitterature” and Assorted Updates

January ended with some serious colds and then February began with a GI bug hitting one of my kids. I feel like I spent weeks curled up in my husband's easy chair, feeling too ill to even read! (If you know me, you know this is rare.) I even took naps (which I typically refuse [...]

A recipe for Magic Soup

I’m elated to finally have left the territory on the BMI chart labeled “obese.” I feel fantastic. I eat wholesome food; I crave wholesome food, vegetables even. I feel my taste buds have embraced their new identity in belonging to a healthier person as well. It is a joy to know that when I sit [...]

How to Cook Brussel Sprouts You Will Crave

That's a title I never thought I'd write. But the truth is, I DO crave them now. I don't remember ever eating brussel sprouts as a child. Or as an adult. But as I've branched out in the vegetable world and the culinary world over the past few years, I eyed them several times in [...]

To Redeem The Time

When I first left my 80-hour-a-week job at the hospital, our house contained piles everywhere. Paper piles, clothing piles, dishes and disorganization in every room. I knew how to run a medicine floor, and even an ICU. I could throw in a central line pretty quick and even intubate you if need be. But I [...]

Book Review: Eat to Live, by Joel Furhman, MD

It’s high time I write about this book, and the eating style promoted in it. It’s gotten pretty popular, and was the number one seller on Amazon yesterday. I picked it up back in December and as soon as I got into the first chapter, I found myself wanting to chow down on piles of [...]

Tropical Green Goodness: My Favorite Daily Smoothie

Time to pass along what has become a serious staple in my kitchen. This thing is packed with loads of vitamins, completely whole-food vegan, and will really charge you up for hours. I make an entire blender full of this as soon as I wake up every morning, and send my husband out the door with [...]