The Great Nesting List of 2013

  I mentioned in my previous post that I think Extreme Nesting Syndrome should be listed in the new DSM-V. It's a fact well known that a lady with a baby on the way has got to--urgently it feels--prepare her nest. This can look a million different ways for a million different women, but for [...]

What I’ve learned in June

June arrived not in her usual sweltering way for our area, but with cool mornings and tolerable afternoons. It shocked all of us really, the kindness of this June in South Carolina. Here are a smattering of random and not so random things I learned during this pleasant month. 1. Sometimes the only way to grow [...]

To Redeem The Time

When I first left my 80-hour-a-week job at the hospital, our house contained piles everywhere. Paper piles, clothing piles, dishes and disorganization in every room. I knew how to run a medicine floor, and even an ICU. I could throw in a central line pretty quick and even intubate you if need be. But I [...]

On Becoming a Morning Person

I think I just might have done it. I think I might now be A Morning Person. It's hard to say for sure, but when my alarm went off at 5:08 this morning, and I didn't hit snooze, and it wasn't quite as hard as last week to get out of the bed, I began [...]

At the Dawn of a New Year

I used to hate January. It was bare and void of twinkling lights, a month still dark. Winter without Christmas, like a pre-Aslan Narnia. At some point, however, I realized the newness of a year and the joy of a list of goals could make it fresh and clean. Calmer than the feasting of November [...]

Twenty Hobbies

Recently I ran across something that made me feel better about dabbling in so many different distractions without becoming an actual expert in any of them. Turns out this pattern fits my job describtion nicely. G.K. Chesterton, in an essay on Domesticity, writes: She should have not one trade but twenty hobbies; she, unlike the man, [...]