Weight Loss

Eat what is good

Come, everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and he who has no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? Listen diligently to me, and eat [...]

Fit Friday {and the freezer cooking has begun}

It's been a busy week of knocking everything off my To-Do list I can, just in case baby decides to arrive early. I realized last weekend that even though my babies have never wanted to come anytime before the 40th week, and in fact probably would have stayed in there until 43 weeks had they [...]

Fit Friday

At least I can say this week was an improvement on last week in terms of eating habits! Unfortunately, that's largely because last week was rather bad, not that this week was ridiculously good. I'm remindd how important meal planning is--without it, a meal out occurs and those are just way too hard to maintain [...]

Fit Friday #10

This week brought insights and progress in solidifying healthy eating habits that were still a little shaky after the first trimester food aversions and second trimester overpermisiveness. I've transitioned to a more plant-based eating plan again. Whole foods, no sugar. I am still fighting to avoid temptations, especially cookies, but it is much easier to [...]

Fit Friday #9

This week was insanely busy. I was at a wonderful classical homeschooling practicum (for Classical Conversations) all day Monday through Wednesday, with kids in the playcamp and nursery who came home exhausted, and then had crazy days yesterday and today. Good choices this week: Making a great menu plan on Sunday after we got back home [...]

Fit Friday

Well, I'm actually posting Fit Friday before midnight for once! Overall its been a much better week as far as my eating choices go. I've really only had 2 overindulgences. The first occurred after my husband and I stumbled across a show called "American Baker" or something or other on TV and the contestants were [...]

Fit Friday

This week went much better than last in terms of my eating choices. I won't say it was perfect--far from it, especially on Memorial Day. But I felt like I was moving out of the rut of feeling tempted by everything. I actually lost a couple pounds this week, which I'm not trying to do [...]

Fit Friday: back in action

Sometimes life just hits all at once and to keep the important balls in the air you just have to keep juggling those balls and let a couple drop. Last week, the Fit Friday post was the ball that fell and rolled away. I was coming off a two week stint of long days with [...]

Fit Friday #1

I have to admit, knowing this post lurked at the end of the week kept my habits in check during several weak moments (although unfortunately Wednesday wasn't one of them...). Which is why I'm starting Fit Fridays--to increase accountability in daily calorie logging and exercise. I use the MyFitnessPal app on my smartphone and ipad [...]

A review of DietBet

            Early this year, just after the holidays, I joined my first DietBet. Basically, this is a website/app/company that has you bet money against your own ability to lose weight in a certain amount of time. You can chose the amount of your wager, and join a group of other people, sometimes fitness celebrities, in [...]

The 3 Pillars of a Fit Pregnancy–And an Introduction To Fit Fridays

I'm settling into the second trimester and the nesting bug has bitten. I'm all about getting the house set up, finishing decorating projects, knocking out some business stuff for the free clinic I volunteer in, and over-all tackling of the "to-do" list. I love getting into this productive zone after a few months earlier in [...]

How to stay Motivated to Eat Healthy

          It was a Thursday, after a string of late nights for my husband at work and my putting the kids to bed on my own. I'd been determined to cook at home, for the obvious health and pocketbook benefits, but in a moment of exhaustion, and with him home before dinner time in the [...]

February “Twitterature” and Assorted Updates

January ended with some serious colds and then February began with a GI bug hitting one of my kids. I feel like I spent weeks curled up in my husband's easy chair, feeling too ill to even read! (If you know me, you know this is rare.) I even took naps (which I typically refuse [...]

A recipe for Magic Soup

I’m elated to finally have left the territory on the BMI chart labeled “obese.” I feel fantastic. I eat wholesome food; I crave wholesome food, vegetables even. I feel my taste buds have embraced their new identity in belonging to a healthier person as well. It is a joy to know that when I sit [...]

Health Progress and Goals for 2013

Last year, I really focused on increasing my consumption of veggies. I eliminated most of the processed food from my regular eating, and had a lot more vegan meals, including a full 6 weeks of low-fat vegan eating early in the year. All this, along with increased activity and careful portion control of non-healthy foods, [...]