On Becoming a Morning Person

I think I just might have done it. I think I might now be A Morning Person. It's hard to say for sure, but when my alarm went off at 5:08 this morning, and I didn't hit snooze, and it wasn't quite as hard as last week to get out of the bed, I began [...]

Fall Garden and Health Goals, Books, and a Novella

September has finally brought cooler temperatures to our area, allowing time outdoors to actually be pleasant, and my husband finished planting our fall garden.  Since my he's short on time and still recovering from shoulder surgery, I had these raised beds built and filled by local company, so all he had to do was plant. [...]

Twenty Hobbies

Recently I ran across something that made me feel better about dabbling in so many different distractions without becoming an actual expert in any of them. Turns out this pattern fits my job describtion nicely. G.K. Chesterton, in an essay on Domesticity, writes: She should have not one trade but twenty hobbies; she, unlike the man, [...]