Concerning Fairy Gardens

Lately Fairy Gardens are all the rage. I’ve watched them pop up in nurseries, across the world of blogs and pinterest, and now my 3-year-old simply loves Tinkerbell. So a couple weeks ago, when I noticed a nearby nursery was having a “Fairy Garden Tea Party,” it only made sense to take her. We had time to fill, as I needed her out of the house that afternoon while her baby brother and daddy napped (his post-call weekend). She was to recite her catecism and Scripture memory verses later that afternoon at our church, so we tucked this event in right before.

We arrived and were shuttled back to a somewhat ‘secret’ garden, packed with more daylilies than I’d ever seen in one place, exploding in a thousand colors. There were bright quilts spread across the lawn, and my dressed-up-3-year-old fairy joined the other diminuative princesses and fairies in painting clay teapots and filling them with flowers. Then we did a scavenger hunt among the gardens to find the little potted fairy gardens hidden about, then a snack of tea cakes. Finally, a “Garden Fairy” arrived to  read a tale, and they all brainstormed a name for her. (“Amethyst” won, in case you were wondering). The Garden Fairy (now Amethyst) handed out little fairy garden accessories to the little girls in attendence. My daughter admired her minituare copper watering can, and I knew we’d have to return home to make our own little fairy garden.

As you can see in the photo, we added some other accessories, and a patio. The plants are all thriving a week after we built the piece. There are little fields of thyme (see the frolicking lamb amidst them?) and a tiny broken robin’s egg my daughter found was tucked in. The little flower pots are big enough for some tiny succulents to grow happily, and the bright flowers look like magical minituare trees next to the tiny house we painted together.

All in all, it’s a sucess. My little girl says Tinkerbell might just move in. We’ll see.

Of note, I ran across this little set of answers from C.S. Lewis to 3 common objections to Fairy Tales. Its an interesting read, especially if you have a 3-year-old who is looking for Tinkerbell.


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