So I might have slipped off the healthy eating wagon for a week or so. I thinking I’m mostly hanging on again, despite being crammed into the back, one foot dragging behind.

It started on a Thursday night, when my husband and I had a babysitter, a night out and everything. The next day we’d leave after he finished his morning hospital work for the beach. And we knew we’d indulge a little on a long weekend in Kiawah. But we didn’t expect to start Thursday. We headed to a great Italian place near the river, with a big view of a our great Southern city.

I slowly enjoyed the appetizer, and ended up ordering a fillet and shrimp. I only eat read meat perhaps once every other month or so, and this restaurant is a place I know it will come out perfectly, so I indulged. Every bite was so well seasoned and tender. We had a corner table, a beautiful view, and no little ones interrupting each sentence. It was good. We were more than satisfied as we finished, and decided to skip dessert. I would have been full, not uncomfortably so, but still definitely a bit too full had we stopped. But the restaurant happens to be owned by one of our neighbors, and the waiter arrived to tell us he’d insisted on treating us to desserts. He presented the tray and what kind of neighbors would we be if we didn’t accept the kindness? Plus–key lime pie, y’all. And cheesecake. So we did. I sipped decaf as I slowly enjoyed the amazing cheesecake. We’d talked about taking our kayaks out onto the lake that evening, as we hadn’t been able to explore together without someone to watch the kids (they won’t do well paddling at this age). But once we finished we knew we couldn’t move well enough to shuttle around the lake. So I took my husband to Sportsmans’ Wearhouse to get him set up with more fishing gear for his Father’s Day gift.

The rest of the weekend we spent at the beach. I did get to go on two actual runs,  which I’m betting might be my last as the temps rise, but oh, to run on the beach again was glorious. I overindulged here and there, and really just make the bad decision to simply not think about the choices I made in eating. Some of them weren’t so bad, but the overall not thinking about them really didn’t bode well. We returned Monday night, and I won’t go into detail about every poor choice I made, but I had the thought that  I’d start fresh Tuesday and get back on track. Tuesday felt like a Monday, a monday after a vacation–when the real world hits and you are back from the beach and have lots of chores and such. The littles were screaming, worn out as I was driving back to our house from an outing. Then I drove by Krispy Kreme. I’ll spare you the details, but they weren’t pretty.

Since then I’ve slowly weaned off the indulgences and thankfully, I again crave the real, good food I need. The week or so off the path was a bit scary when I look back and see how easy it is to lose focus and slip into the old habits that originally caused my obesity. There’s a bit of a snowball effect. When the muscles of ‘resistance’ to temptation aren’t exercised consistently they get flabby and it’s sequentially easier to give in to momentary sweets. But that means each time I now resist I rebuild those muscles again. Which I’m doing. The garden has come in, and it’s bountiful. We’ve got multiple types of lettuces, radishes, tomatoes. I’m hoping for hoards of tomatoes for salsa making, but we’ll see. In any case, a big salad a day is needed and I’ve swore off diet sodas in the house for the time being, as they are something of a trigger for me–make me want the old non-foods. Lots of water for me, with maybe a slice of cucumber and mint leaves in it for the refreshment.

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