Fall Garden and Health Goals, Books, and a Novella

September has finally brought cooler temperatures to our area, allowing time outdoors to actually be pleasant, and my husband finished planting our fall garden.  Since my he’s short on time and still recovering from shoulder surgery, I had these raised beds built and filled by local company, so all he had to do was plant. Its twenty feet long and the sections are four feet wide. Plenty of space for produce. I know, it looks like a giant “E”, but years down the road, when our kids are old enough to weed, the plan is to add a couple more sections creating a nice design.

That nice garden will lead to a lot of great salads and veggies. Which will hopefully help me reach my goal of being out of the “obese” category on the BMI chart by Thanksgiving Day! Oh, how splendid that would be. I’m on track to make it, pushing hard, logging meals on the MyFitnessPal app, eating plant-based whole foods. I’m running a 10K race down on Isle of Palms next week and maybe an 8K in early November.

I’m finishing up reading Homer’s Odessey with Edie’s fantastic bookclub. An online bookclub is really the perfect thing, in my opinion. I don’t have time for a monthly meeting in person, and frankly, I can never find any local ladies to read the classics with me. Oddly enough, we are covering Jonah at our church right now and I realized it was written in the same time period, which gave me some new insights into Jonah’s world. Next is Sophocles, then later Plato’s Republic, and I’m thrilled. I read it back in college (I was a nerdy philosophy major), and this work contains my favorite thing he wrote: The Cave Analogy.

Speaking of books, here’s a sneak peak of the current progress in our library. We love it, and it’s not even done yet. Thanks, Darlene! Smells like old books and leather. I’m trying to replace that particular rolling chair, but my husband really loves it. I’m not a fan. Also, the original plan included two lighter wingbacks, but we ended up with a massive dark leather recliner he needed after his shoulder surgery, and there was no better place for it in our house. And it is high quality. So we found a lighter colored patchwork hide rug to balance it, rather than the original dark one in our original plan. I’ve never had a hide rug before, and it’s surprisingly soft!

Again on the book topic, during the month of October I’ll be posting a daily scene from my new novella, titled “Gilded.” I’m joined a 31 day blogging series with a bunch of other blogs. You can read about it and see them here. Instead of writing about a single non-fiction topic every day, I thought it would be fun to release my newest story in 31 installments this month. It contains lots of things I love: Charleston, lowcountry food, design, furniture, art, running, a little bit of mystery, and best of all: making old things new again.

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