February “Twitterature” and Assorted Updates

January ended with some serious colds and then February began with a GI bug hitting one of my kids. I feel like I spent weeks curled up in my husband’s easy chair, feeling too ill to even read! (If you know me, you know this is rare.) I even took naps (which I typically refuse to do–sleep? There is way too much to do to waste time sleeping.)

I lost my voice for a full two weeks, and I doubt it would have lasted so long if it weren’t for my constant need to repeat myself to a precious 2- and 4 year-old. I dranks pots and pots of green tea with lemon.

SO, as far as my reading list. I have finished only  one book in the last month! Granted, I’ve also been working on Virgil’s Aeneid, for the book club at Life in Grace, and it takes a little time to get into. Also, I have sorta broken my rule and started a couple more books before finishing some others (I know, so bad). So what did I finish?

Bringing up Girls by James Dobson – If I was nervous about my daughter’s teenage years (a decade away), now I’m terrified. But there were some seriously practical thoughts in there regarding protecting and nurturing girls. I’d toss out all the transcribed radio interviews, though, and write those chapters properly. Those chapters just seemed like cheating instead of writing.

Other things I’ve been up to this month:

-My garden had clouds of dill it produced well into January, so I harvested it all before our first freeze (which was just a couple weeks ago, thank you SC weather), and dried it in bundles, then turned some into an amazing dill dip. Recipe soon to follow.

-I downloaded a free version of this app yesterday. (They were giving it away as a valentine’s promo). It’s an illustrated Kid’s Bible which has a great audio reading of each section. I already know I love it. I barely ever let my kids play on my ipad or iphones, because I consider even educational games to be possibly deleterious to the delevopment of their attention spans. I want to limit their tech exposure during the critical early development of their brains. (I could/should write a whole post on this). But this app may be a little exception. My daughter has been looking at the pictures this morning while the Bible stories are expressively read to her and is soaking it up. It is as good as me reading to her? No way. But when she wakes up too early during my needed quiet time? I might just pull it out.

-I turned 34 last week! I was sick so we postponed the celebration until this weekend, and among other things, my dear husband gave me several new, beautifully designed cloth-bound penguin classics. I’m happy to have a gorgeous copy of Peter Pan to read to the kids once my voice is fully functional.

-My husbands birthday is today! He is working hard all this weekend, on call taking care of cancer patients, entering into their suffering as he does faithfully day after day. I know that his favorite cake is a traditional multi-layer Southern Caramel Cake, and I’m determined to pull one off myself today. The boiled caramel icing is notoriously difficult to master, which is why even locally bakeries don’t sell the famous Southern cake. I’ll be working on it during naptime today. (And when I say muli-layer, I’m talking like more than 7 layers. I’ll see how high I can stack this one.) Anyway, he’s the best, and he deserves it! {Happy Birthday Handsome! We love you!}

-If you saw my previous post, you know that I hit a big weight loss milestone. My strategy at this point is to maintain for a while at this weight before dropping more pounds. I’ve kind of stair-stepped down, with little plateus between drops, and that seems to work for me. Let’s just hope I can exercise serious portion control with the caramel cake I mentioned above.

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  • Anne @ Modern Mrs Darcy February 15, 2013, 10:58 AM

    Oh my goodness: I felt exactly the same way about Bringing Up Girls. I brought it along on vacation as what I thought would be an interesting, informative read–and instead it was the book equivalent of a horror movie!

    Happy birthday! Hope it was a great one :)

    • Sarah February 15, 2013, 2:21 PM

      Thanks! And I know, it’s scary.

  • Krissa February 15, 2013, 11:40 AM

    I’ve had Bringing Up Girls on my bookshelf for a couple years now and for some reason just can’t get myself to pick it up. I think it’s one of those books I feel like I “should” read but am a little scared to! My daughter is 6 right now…for someone like me with a short term memory…when would be the best time for me to read it? What age girl is it most geared towards? Just found your site from Modern Mrs. Darcy and looking forward to exploring…love it so far!

    • Sarah February 15, 2013, 2:20 PM

      Well, my girl is 4, and overall I’m glad I read it now, and think it will be worth a review when she’s about to enter the teen years.

  • Diane 150 Pounds Gone Forever February 25, 2013, 8:31 AM

    Having gotten two girls through their teen years, I just wanted to tell you that these years have been precious and amazing. Don’t let the teens scare you!

    Happy birthday to you!

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