Fit Friday #10


This week brought insights and progress in solidifying healthy eating habits that were still a little shaky after the first trimester food aversions and second trimester overpermisiveness. I’ve transitioned to a more plant-based eating plan again. Whole foods, no sugar. I am still fighting to avoid temptations, especially cookies, but it is much easier to resist, as complete avoidance of these triggers seems to be the best way for me to keep things in check. One bit of a cookie or a sweet or a salt/fat/sugar “trigger” food, and the floodgates can open. I’ve done some reading about the addictive nature of some of these food, and how simply abstaining completely might be the best plan for certain foods.

Some meals I’ve made this week: Black-eyed Peas. I do a version that has diced tomatoes, chili powder, a few green chilis diced and thrown in, simmered with the dried black-eyed peas until they are soft and well-cooked, then a little salt and pepper. I always wait until they are cooked to salt any beans, as I’ve heard salting early can result in tougher beans.

I’ve kept tomato-cucumber salad handy in the fridge all week–simply sliced and dressed in red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper. Refreshing and delish. I’m trying to make the best of the end of watermelon season and keep it chopped and ready in the fridge all the time.

I made it through the 3-hour glucola test and passed with flying colors, by the way. But the 2 weeks between the 1-hour and this follow up, while avoiding all sugar and such, helped reestablish my taste buds away from the junk I’d snuck a little too frequently the previous few months.

Next up on my agenda: plotting my freezer cooking plans. I’d love to pack my freezer before the baby is born with piles of healthy meals that will require next to no prep time during those newborn months. I’m still not sure how this will look since I want to have a good number of vegan and vegetarian meals, with whole foods and low fats. Not the traditional cheesy casseroles full of canned creamed soups and such (I haven’t cooked with canned soups in almost 2 years). I’m plotting veggie pot pie, with whole wheat crust, some kind of ‘meatloaf’, ‘meatballs’ for pasta. And I don’t like the processed fake “meats” sold in stores, so I’m doing this from scratch. I will have some meals with meat in there, but I just don’t want them to be the foundation of meals. I’ve been searching the internet for some great meals, and plan to check out a pile of cookbooks and such from the library. There will be a series of posts about my strategy once I iron it all out! Any meal suggestions out there?

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