Fit Friday

This week went much better than last in terms of my eating choices. I won’t say it was perfect–far from it, especially on Memorial Day. But I felt like I was moving out of the rut of feeling tempted by everything. I actually lost a couple pounds this week, which I’m not trying to do while pregnant, but I’m pretty sure it’s water weight dropped easily simply by not dining out this past week compared to the last. There is SO much hidden  sodium in restaurant food!

Exercise could have been better, though. Could have been much better, in fact. It has been too hot to run outside (at least too hot for a pregnant lady). I had this plan that I’d run in the early mornings while my husband was still home getting ready for work. He leaves pretty early, so this means I’d need to be out as the sun rises. But this week he found he had to go in even earlier than he normally does, leaving in the pre-dawn darkness most days. So that running plan hasn’t worked. I need to come to terms with the fact that I’m going to have to walk the treadmill more frequently. This is hard when your kids are out of preschool and you only have that hour-and-a-half to maybe two hours total of time to yourself each day during their naptime! I am pretty good at fitting calisthenics in throughout the day with them, though. I’ll do squats and lunges through the house and sets of pushups scattered between chores. When I’m folding laundry, I put the basket that needs to be folded on the floor and do a plie squat as I pick up each item to fold on the table. I can usually feel it later! These are things I do sporadically, but I’d like to make them more habitual, build them in as a given in my days with small children rather than helter-skelter.

I’d love to spend an hour a day in an actual gym, but my kids need plenty of time at home to play outside and in, and between naptimes and our other outings, there’s already enough to compete for that unstructured time, which is so important for their development. There have been seasons where it worked to bring them to the gym and let them play in the childcare room, and there will likely be seasons it works again in the future, but this just isn’t one of them.

Friday, May 24–2606 calories

Saturday, May 25–2286 calories

Sunday, May 26–2393 calories

Monday, May 27–3917 calories !! yikes, didn’t hold back too well at a holiday gathering, obviously.

Tuesday, May 28–1501 calories

Wednesday, May 29– I didn’t record my eating that day, but overall it was pretty good. I went to a little end-of-year-party for some moms with kids at my preschool on their last day, and was super good about eating only small portions! Made a green chicken curry dish for dinner which was healthy and the whole family loved.

Thursday, May 30–1760 calories

Here’s to a healthier June!

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