Fit Friday

Well, I’m actually posting Fit Friday before midnight for once! Overall its been a much better week as far as my eating choices go. I’ve really only had 2 overindulgences.

The first occurred after my husband and I stumbled across a show called “American Baker” or something or other on TV and the contestants were having a s’more making competition. This wouldn’t have been much of a temptation issue since we just don’t keep sweets in the house these days, except that we DID actually happen to have all the ingredients for s’mores in the house. I had bought them for the weekend before, when we hosted a couple of friends and their kids we hadn’t seen in quite a while. They live and work overseas, and I wanted to feed them plenty of good old american food, so we made homemade pizzas on Friday night and then Saturday morning I made pancakes and bacon for breakfast (hey, at least it was turkey bacon…), and then we had a cookout during the evening. Most of this time with friends I did pretty well with my portion control, exept at the cookout, which I’m now realizing I need to say I had 3 overindulgances this week. And remembering last weekend’s eating I might not be so happy with the week’s choices, now, after all…

Anyway, the smores ingredients I’d bought in case we decided to fire up the fire pit while they were here, which we didn’t end up doing. So the baking show, and the ingredients, and the fact that we have a gas stove over which we could, perhaps cook said s’mores, and you can probably figure out what happened…

The other slip-up was last night. There is a hole-in-the-wall sort of Southern diner nearby (actually, it was even featured on the Food Network’s Diners and Dives show) with amazing, made-from-scratch good southern cooking. The cornbread alone I could live on. But shouldn’t, obviously. Anyway, we ate there last night. It can never really go well there calorie-wise, but oh, they must serve this stuff in heaven.

All that being said, I’ve got a kitchen well-stocked with fresh produce and plenty of fruit for my sweet tooth, and a great menu plan for the week ahead. My weight is holding steady right where it should for this point in my pregnancy. So I’m not complaining. Here are the week’s calorie counts:

Last weekend–I was so swamped hosting and cooking and entertaining and recovering that I didn’t keep a food diary. So the calorie counts start with Monday:

Monday- 1319  (apparently still full from the weekend!)

Tuesday- 1857

Wednesday- 2847




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