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Fit Fridays are back and I’m determined they are here to stay. Since my confession post, I’ve really gotten back on track. I have made one change, in that I’m taking a short, somewhat experimental break from MyFitnessPal. After using it for so long, I’m pretty aware of what my daily calorie counts are, and know when I go over or am short. Mostly, I am focusing on intuitive eating and listening to my hunger, and doing my best to make consistantly good choices. I’ve rebuilt my “resistant muscles,” which were weakend after a few too many caves in the face of food temptation. Once you get in the habit of bypassing those tempting treats that pop up during a day running errands or such, it’s easier to pretend they don’t exist as options.

We did have a cookout the weekend before Independence Day, when the big fireworks display was held in our area. My husband slow cooked pulled pork all afternoon, and we grilled a pile of fresh corn. We had a huge crop of potatoes from the garden which I made a potato salad with using low-fat olive-oil based mayo, and it was delicious. I was really happy with my self control in that I had one serving of everything, reasonable portion sizes, and didn’t go back for seconds. I made a flag cake–check out my instagram feed to the right and you’ll see it (couldn’t fit all the stripes in which annoyed me–next time i’ll cut those strawberries smaller!). The cake was from scratch, using the shortbread recipe I only make at Christmas as a crust, and a topping I whipped with cream and lowfat cream cheese. The berries were the sweetest part. I think it might become a yearly tradition each July.

This week has also been great for exercise. The SC weather has been quite rainy lately, but that has kept the temperatures shockingly low for July. I was able to run outside early this week, and 2 other days have logged 2 miles fast walking on the treadmill as well as done some strength exercises. My run was great, I still have no problem jogging 2 miles slowly. I’m thinking I’ll sign up for a 5K shortly after the baby’s born, once I’m cleared to run again. There’s just something about getting back to a road race, even a little one, that’s fun and motivates me to keep active through this last few months.

Oh, I also survived a church potluck. If you haven’t been to a church potluck in the South, you may not be aware that any vegetable present will be slathered in either a cream or mayo or sugar or baked into cheese. There are many ways to make vegetable taste like a treat, and the South has perfected them all. So, with a few exceptions, not much in the way of healthy fare can be found on a potluck table around here. In the past, I used this as an excuse to shrug and just pile on the mac n’cheese, fried chicken, sugar-laced baked beans and creamy casseroles, not to mention the dessert table. This weekend I just did the best I could and kept portions small. A little piece of lasagna, a good scoop of a cucumber salad (that was in a creamy dressing but not swimming in it, at least), and some watermelon. I didn’t even glance at the dessert table. I’m a firm believer that eating healthy shouldn’t inhibit one from spending time in the company of others, especially church friends, so making a potluck work is important. Usually I try to bring a healthy dish myself so at least I know there will be one on the table.

As far as weight gain: My first trimester, which was ridden by a nausea that wouldn’t lesson without constant nibbling on carbs, hit me hard, and much of the 20 pound weight gain goal for my entire pregnancy piled on during that time. I was able to slow the gain dramatically during the second trimester once I felt better and could eat and workout more. So at my recent appointment, I asked my OB if since I gained more than I should have in the beginning, if I really needed to gain more weight the last few months. She said I would be OK to stay the same weight, no losing, but no gaining either. This would keep me from going over the 20 gain total goal, and would be healthiest for the baby and me. So that’s a tall challenge, but so far so good. I’m focusing on really eating to my hunger and no more than that, making good choices, and have a goal of walking or (hopefully as long as the cool weather continues!) jogging 2 miles a day. {Again–seek your own OB’s advice on what’s best for your health in pregnancy, and don’t forget to read my disclaimer}.  Even with the early weight gain, I feel good about how things are going. All my maternity clothes from previous pregnancies are way too big, which feels good. (I had to buy new ones and I’m even wearing some size mediums!) I am so much healthier this time around than in my first two pregnancies.


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