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The past seven days have been jammed packed. Last Thursday I had a clinic day, which turned out to be super busy, and then after that I had the final packing to complete for our trip. First, we hopped on a plane to CT for my brother's wedding, along with my 2 and 4 year old, who were ring-bearer and flower girl. The plane trip there and back went well, probably helped by the fact we drove up to Charlotte to take a direct flight rather than try connecting anywhere with them in tow. Each had their own little rolling carry-on luggage, which I basically packed with toys and entertainment for them, and they proudly lugged it everywhere. After that whirlwind weekend, a celebratory wedding and time with family, we landed in Charlotte and drove directly to the South Carolina Lowcountry, to vacation on one of our favorite barrier islands. We recuperated and relaxed and played all week.

I had every intent to try to get a run or two in this week, hoping the temperature would be cool enough with the breeze along the ocean. The one day that did turn out to be pretty cool I just wasn't up to it. I've gotten to that stage in pregnancy where I'm uncomfortable, the uterus is pushing on my ribs, and just getting up the stairs puts me slightly out of breath, as my lung capacity feels diminished. In any case, I've had a couple good walks. I also settled on the squat and pushup plan I'm going to take. I got a couple apps–a hundred pushup one that helps you built up, and a 200 squat one that does the same. They are so quick and doable and I should complete them before baby arrives since I'm able to start a good ways into the programs, given my current level being a good bit better than zero!

Eating has actually been very good, especially for a vacation. I suppose this is aided by the fact that I didn't pass my initial glucola test and have a 3-hour glucola test (checks for Gestational Diabetes) scheduled next week, which I couldn't get in sooner. It's common for pregnant ladies to fail the first test, and they usually proceed to do fine on the 3-hour recheck. Also, I've never had Gestational Diabetes in previous pregnancies, so I'm betting I'll do fine on the 3 hour test. Even so, until I can get it checked, I'm being cautious and eating a diabetic diet. No sweets or white breads or stuff that would spike my blood sugar too much. I hadn't realized how many little bites I was taking or how many sneaks I fit into the week until I had to eat zero sugar. The stuff just creeps in like a bad habit, sorta addictive. Maybe going completely sugar free would be a good thing for a while anyway! I know it's kept me from all sorts of temptation in airports and such! Still not Calorie Counting for now, just using intuition and listening to my hunger. I have no idea what the scale is up to this week as I've been nowhere near it, but I'd been holding steady for a while before I left town, which is the goal at this point.

So how was your week? Any great successes in healthy living this week? Or maybe you hit a couple bumps in the road.


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