Fit Friday

At least I can say this week was an improvement on last week in terms of eating habits! Unfortunately, that’s largely because last week was rather bad, not that this week was ridiculously good. I’m remindd how important meal planning is–without it, a meal out occurs and those are just way too hard to maintain healthy choices at. Only keeping healthy, whole foods in my home is one of my best protections against poor eating choices, as well as overeating. They are the food full of healthy nutrients that don’t trigger addictive eating patters. It’s those junky foods with the triad of salt, sugar, and fat trigger the addictive endorphin cycle in the human brain that makes it very hard to stop eating them! So I’m really trying to keep those out of our home.

I really miss running at this point. I’m close the end of pregnancy and the weight of my uterus makes it hard to even walk a lot, because of pain at the old c-section sites likely because adhesions are stretching as the uterus grows. I also start lots of contracting (just Brackston-Hicks, not real labor) when I walk a lot too, and the feet swell up after a bit. But I’m eager to start running again as soon as I’m able after the baby arrives. I’ve decided for now to just use the double stroller we have (it’s a BOB so it’s awesome) even though there will only be one baby in there once he’s old enough. I just don’t want to get another stroller right now, but we’ll see how it goes, I might cave and get one so it’s easier to have in the back of the car.

I also picked up a copy of runner’s world last night. I love reading about running. I have a couple books I listed on my Book List which I’m finishing up that are running memoirs. If I can’t quit run yet, at least I can read about it. : )


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