Fit Friday #9


This week was insanely busy. I was at a wonderful classical homeschooling practicum (for Classical Conversations) all day Monday through Wednesday, with kids in the playcamp and nursery who came home exhausted, and then had crazy days yesterday and today.

Good choices this week: Making a great menu plan on Sunday after we got back home from the beach, and hitting the supermarket, stocking up on all the necessities and great fresh produce. I made a massive mediterranian quinoa salad Sunday, which I packed for lunch multiple days, and drank a lot of water.

Bad choices this week: probably ate too much at dinner last night–we went out to a nice Itlaian place on the river overlooking downtown Columbia. Should have skipped the appetizer and the dessert and just enjoyed the fish and salad!

Exercise: Swollen feet and legs and being so busy hustling around trying to squeeze in nuggets of time for The Nesting List, and I unfortunately didn’t get much formal exercise this week. Still working on the pushup and squat plan, though.



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