Fit Friday {and an ode to the watermelon}


Another week on track! I’m pretty happy overall with my choices in eating this week.  Piles of watermelon I’ve chopped and chilled seems to be a wonderful solution to sweet cravings this time of year. Did you know that watermelon has 40% more lycopene that raw tomatoes do? And the seedless varieties have the highest amounts! Lycopene is a powerful phytochemical that conveys that bright red color–and its a wonderful antioxidant. Some days this week I’ve eaten as much as half a watermelon throughout the day! It’s also been great for keeping hydrated. I’ve got a couple big melons sitting on my counter right now, and after this post I’m going to go chop them. Which reminds me–there is a great method for cutting melons of all kinds that easily removes all the rind, lets you easily chop into bite-sized pieces, and since learning it I actually enjoy cutting up a melon!

Basically, you cut the melon in half, then lay the cut surface open side down on the cutting board. Then slice through the rind, deep enough to expose the melon’s flesh. Keep cutting sections of rind off all the way around the melon, and once the sides are all off, cut off the rind on the top. Once all the rind is off, you can slice up the melon’s flesh however you prefer. Maybe I should do a little tutorial sometime… I feel like a picture of this is worth a thousand words!

Anyway, aside from the watermelon this week, the garden is bursting with piles of tomatoes and cucumbers and salad greens. I used a great recipe for simple tomato and cucumber salad this week–basically just a little olive oil and maybe a tablespoon of apple cider vinager with salt and pepper. So so so good. Also I vegified (cut out the bacon) a Paula Deen recipe for spicy black-eyed peas, and y’all– It was good. My only real splurge this week was our visit to my husband’s hometown last night to visit with extended family. His South Carolina hometown is know for a few things–one of them the pecans, and the another being the bar-b-que. We ended up at one of the famed bar-b-que buffets and I certainly enjoyed it. I was SO very hungry by the time we got there (I had forgotten to eat lunch and hadn’t eaten much all day as I was plowing through my Nesting List), that even though I ate plenty I didn’t feel stuffed when I walked out like I have at times in the past. I’m still taking a break from calorie counting, but after a day of eating little it seemed to actually be an OK splurge.

From an exercise perspective, I’ve started keeping a better log of my calisthenics. I love to fit in sets of pushups and squats and lunges and chair dips throughout my day, just tucking them between chores and such. But I’ve decided to keep better track of how  many I do daily so I can make improvement goals. I downloaded one app that tracks exercised onto my phone, but looking for a better one.  Cardio-wise this week, I haven’t got in the walking or running milage that I’d like each day. But I’ve been on my feet and active with all my nesting frenzy all day every day, so I know that at least I’m getting a lot of “steps” in. This weekend is forecasted to be cool, with intermittent rain. South Carolina has been literally soaked with rain the last few weeks, which has at times been tedious, and its pretty humid, but I won’t complain about the tempuratures–It’s barely going to hit 80 today! What this means is that hopefully I can fit a run in between showers sometime this weekend! I really didn’t expect to be able to jog outdoors this far into the summer–running in pregnancy doesn’t work so well if it’s sweltering outside.

My weight has been fairly stable, which is the goal at this point in the pregnancy. I was at my OB the other day and she was happy I’d only gained 17 pounds. I still have plenty of time left before delivery, though, and need to keep from going over the 20 pound gain mark if possible, as this is what my OB and I agreed as the healthiest goal for my starting weight and such. Like I said before–weight gain in pregnancy is something to discuss with your own doctor.

Now, I’m hopefully off to some bluberry picking today!

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