Fit Friday: back in action

Sometimes life just hits all at once and to keep the important balls in the air you just have to keep juggling those balls and let a couple drop. Last week, the Fit Friday post was the ball that fell and rolled away. I was coming off a two week stint of long days with my husband’s call, including the weekend before, when I still found myself trying but not succeeding in getting out of a upper respiratory yuckiness. I seemed to recover enough by Wednesday to actually get a run in while my kids were at preschool, and it felt glorious. I had my clinic the next day and it was a doozy, packed with patients, and then spent Friday trying to recover the house from the tornado that seemed to hit it during my illness and my husband’s call weekend. The weekend was packed with end of year cello recitals and gymnastic stuff, and right when those finshed, I began to feel that sense that I was coming down with yet another illness. It hit hard and fast, and before I knew it strep throat had just wiped me out. I found myself curled up on the recliner for most of the next few days, or as much of them as I could. My husband was a hero, actually doing not one, but three serious crafts with our kids sunday, and taking care of all my iced water requests and such! I’m so thankful.

All that brings us to this Fit Friday. My throat was left so sore that I wasn’t so interesed in eating during the first few days of this week, and my exercise was nonexistant while I tried to mend. My rule of thumb for excersizing when sick is this: if I have symptom below the shoulders (including chills or muscle aches or fevers) my body needs to rest. If only a head cold, I might work out but keep it light. This was an occasion for total rest.

By Tuesday I started counting calories again, just to keep in the habit;

Tuesday- 1836kcal, rest day

Wednesday- 1296kcal, rest day

Thursday- 1638kcal, rest day

Friday (today)- 2606 kcal. Most of this was the result of a meal out for a well needed date night with the husband. We ate sushi, which I adore (of course pregnant I only eat the fully cooked rolls with no fish roe for safety) and I took him to see the new Iron Man. (He totally held the fort down while I was sick and put up with next to no homecooked meals for half of the last couple weeks, so the least I could do was enjoy sitting next to him at a blow-em-up movie.) Anyway, most of my calorie indulgence today came from a weakness for movie popcorn that hit me hard. I took solace in the fact that over the week or so before my appetite was such that I lost  a few pounds. So I had room for some splurging today, I guess. I was actually up to easing back into the exercise routine today, and went for a 30 minutes walk.

Its amazing, though, what happens to the general health of the whole house when the head cook is out of commission. Those healthy homecooked meals are so importatnt to keep the family from eating fastish food.

I’m hoping to get some jogging in soon, as I’m almost back to 100%. Given the rising remperatures, it’ll have to be evening or early am to stay out of the heat.

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