Fit Friday #1

I have to admit, knowing this post lurked at the end of the week kept my habits in check during several weak moments (although unfortunately Wednesday wasn’t one of them…). Which is why I’m starting Fit Fridays–to increase accountability in daily calorie logging and exercise. I use the MyFitnessPal app on my smartphone and ipad to keep track of my intake. I have it set to “maintain” my current weight, which calculates a daily calorie allotment of 2120 cal/day for me. I doubt I’ll have a problem going over it enough to gain my goal 11-20 pounds of pregnancy, so knowing the maintenance calorie goal will help keep me in check. Here’s how this week went:

Thursday, May 2–Decided to start a day early for this first week, to take advantage of the momentum. I ate 1571 calories,  30 minutes running (very slow! 14:30 minute miles)

Friday, May 3–ate 1566 calories, walked for 1 hour 15 minutes, leisurely pace (took the kids to the zoo!)

Saturday, May 4–ate 2691 calories (ouch!–mexican restaurant for lunch and pizza for dinner adds up!)–was going to run but then it rained : (  so I did a few calisthenics: 20 plie squats, 20 standard squats, 40 pushups

Sunday, May 5– I ate 1340 calories, and did squats and lunges and tricep dips outside for 30 minutes while the kids played. I must have eaten more than what I logged, I know I wasn’t hungry, so I’m guessing I left something out.

Monday, May 6–I ate 1657 calories, and jogged for 30 minutes slowly–about 14’15” miles. Thankfully, the weather has been unseasonably cool. Normally, by this point in May, we are hitting the 80’s on the thermometer every day, if not 90’s. But we’ve really been staying in the 60’s, even 50’s a couple days. So I’ve been able to continue jogging outside, which has been fantastic. Once the temps stay high, I won’t be able to run outside, since I can’t risk getting overheated while pregnant. And I won’t jog on my treadmill while pregnant, since I’m paranoid about losing my balance on it and falling. So basically that means that once the heat arrives I’ll have to just do a brisk walk, or even an inclined walk, on the treadmill. I’ll be bummed to stop jogging.

Tuesday–I ate 1832 calories. Did 30 minutes of weightlifting focusing on my arms.

Wednesday–Well. This is when some kind of cold hit our house. I woke up with something of a sore throat, which worsened as the day continued. My husband called on his way home from work and he was feeling pretty bad by that point too. He said he’d pick up some stuff at the store for me, which ended up meaning ice cream and cookies. I won’t say I complained. In fact, I just didn’t log. I justified the evening by telling myself I was pregnant, sick and exhausted. Should have just gone to sleep early and saved myself from the splurging. Didn’t work out today.

Thursday-Felt a bit better today–woke up determined to log everything and focus on taking in a lot of fluids. At lunch I ate chicken noodle soup, which I seriously feel could rival antibiotics when I feel this way. Just had dubliner (irish) cheese and crackers at dinner, but logged everything. Ate 1785 calories today. Still not up to working out.

Friday, May 10–Well, the heat is here. Brought the kids outside to play, and couldn’t do squats or anything while they played like I usually like to do because I knew the heat would get to me. During nap time I hit the treadmill at a fast pace while listening to The Great Gatsby audiobook on my iphone. Then I did maybe 20 minutes of weights and body weight exercises. Trying to build up my push-ups. At 50 right now (broken up in sets of course), though I’m not sure how they will go when my belly gets bigger. Today I ate 2179 calories (which included a few cookies just now…).

I look back at the week and see I’m under goal for most of the days. But I still managed to gain a pound, which is OK right now, but couldn’t do it every week. I need to be sure I’m not forgetting to log the little bites here and there I might have missed logging.

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  • Diane Fit to the Finish May 13, 2013, 7:39 AM

    Sounds like you had a hard week but you still did a good job on exercise and eating! I hope you all are feeling better now.


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