Make the mundane things Cheery

I seem to add new things to my Nesting List about as quickly as I cross them off these days! It's part of the urge to nest–the continual finding of new things to do.

I've loved all the Ditto DIY link-ups this past few months, hosted by several bloggers including Darlene, who designed several of the rooms in my home. I obviously love her taste and ideas, so I have to institute some of them, even if it does lengthen my Nesting List : ).

August's challenge was to add designer details to a trash receptable. I had my husband take this thing outside and spray paint it for me, as I probably shouldn't do too much spraying while pregnant. He was very helpful despite the heat and humidity and mosquitoes, and even despite the fact I was away at a meeting and he had the kids nearby in the yard as well! After he finished the 3 coats of spray paint, and they were completely dry, I sat down with white duct tape and scissors and created the banner strips. I just placed them here and there, drapy-like.

The can was originally a rust color, bought at Target ages ago, and has a few broken places in need of disguise. I went with yellow as the base, as I expect this will live in our dining room, where the colors are aquas and corals and I need a few pops of yellow to pull from the colors in our window treatments, as well as to tie in to the yellow in the Keeping Room next door. I love how it turned out, the little flags wrapping around it in jubilance. Maybe it will make me feel like its party time when I'm sweeping up cheerios? Not sure about that but at least it adds a little pep to some chores : )

Next up on my Nesting agenda: finish lots of decorating details in several rooms that are almost done. Finish a couple curtains in the playroom and make the big transition of my boy out of the nursery and into the playroom, and finish crocheting a fun trim on my keeping room curtains. Here's a snapshot of it in progress, “persimmon” yarn laying the foundation for the crocheted edging to follow. It's inspired by the coral pom-pom curtains that Anthropologie was selling, which Darlene and I originally decided on for the room, but sold out in the sizes I wanted. This led me on a quest for coral pom-pom trim to add to some panels. I couldn't find the pom-pom I wanted but I found the color in a yarn, and since crochet is so relaxing and I can do it with my feet up, I figured why not? I'll post the results soon…


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