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I made it outside this past weekend for my first solo walk since my c-section not quite 3 weeks ago. I walked a little way, not even a mile, along my normal running route. There are a couple small farms I pass, where chickens usually roam, as well as some livestock, all with beautiful views of a lake peeking around the corners. Our leaves haven’t really started to turn quite as much as they have in other parts of the country. But the fall colors have just started to reveal themselves a little, and it was crisp out as I walked. I really do miss running, but have to wait 3 more weeks at least. I asked my OB if I really had to wait 6 whole weeks before running. I wondered if I could start sooner if I felt up to it. (Maybe I started running at 5 weeks after my last baby…maybe). She said the magic words that did all that was needed to keep me from sneaking an early run in. “Stress incontinence.” Apparently the pelvic floor is just not ready for the high impact of running until 6 weeks. Too early could have some big ramifications when I’m older. That was all she needed to say. As much as I miss it, I’ll stick to walking for a few more weeks.

Anyway, I thought I’d put a couple links in today’s post. I want to post about some success stories before I post about the stats of weight loss later this week. Reading success stories gives me great encouragement in believing that change is possible.

Michele, one of the commenters here, just celebrated 100 pounds lost! (Congrats, Michele!) Read  this post about her journey and celebration. I just discovered her blog, but love her posts and the way she has grown in faith while losing the extra pounds. Also love the name of her blog!

Diane writes a blog called “Fit to the Finish” after losing 150+ pounds, and keeping it off for 15 years! Oh, and she did this while raising her 7 kids!


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