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I’ve been thinking about how much I love road races and the fun surrounding them. They really give me focus and a goal in trying to improve my PR. I’m not a fast runner at all, as you can see from my previous race times. I finally looked up my old race times from the years I was in med school. I didn’t consider myself much of a runner, but so many friends were running the Cooper River Bridge Run, I think that’s what got me started running when I was in Charleston.

I had a gorgeous route I used to jog through downtown Charleston during my second and third years of med school. I lived downtown, and I’d take a road down to the old Battery and run all the way from the Coast Guard base along the waterfront, down past all those old mansions, and then into waterfront park. I’d loop through it and back down to Broad Street, and then head back across the peninsula along that quaint street past the gorgeous shops to my apartment, which was in a tall building overlooking the Ashley River. It was a great route, especially as the sun dipped down. The Cooper River would start to turn lavendar by the time I got over to Waterfront Park, and I’d just have so much to see and admire as I went.

I’ve definititely missed running the last couple months–but just a little over a week from now, I’ll be cleared to start back again. I do my best thinking and destressing while running.


2002 Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC 10K race time: 1:13:21

2002 Kiawah Island Half Marathon, Kiawah, SC Half Marathon race time: 2:51:44

2003 Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC 10K race time: 1:21:00

2005 Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC -walked this one in the rain- 10K race time 2:19:51

2011 Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC 10K race time 1:35:52

2012 Cooper River Bridge Run, Charleston, SC 10K race time 1:29:00 That year the race started over an hour late! We were so tired, hungry, and the sun was beating down by the time we finally started!

2012 Isle of Palms Connector Run, Isle of Palms, SC 10K race time 1:14:55



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