Pounds of peaches (another fit Friday post)


I grew up in the state of Georgia, which everybody always called “The Peach State” since its such a big crop down there. Well, turns out my South Carolina produces more peaches!

I mentioned in my last fit Friday post that my husband and I headed up to Asheville this past weekend. On the way back, we stopped at the stand of a local orchard and picked up two large baskets of peaches, about 60 pounds worth! They were picked that very morning, and were perfectly soft to eat by the next day. Lusciously sweet and ripe, but so many of them–so after sending a pile home with my mom, I ended up peeling and freezing most. To peel all those, I dunked them in boiling water for (theoretically) 20-30 seconds, them transferred them to an ice bath for a second. After that the skins peel off easily. The problem comes when you have both a two- and four- year old playing and tearing through the house and needing my help throughout this whole procedure. So some peaches ended up boiling way too long, practically cooking. Most of them worked out fine and I sliced and laid them out on cookie sheets o freeze and bag later. In the past I’ve canned my share of jams, but y’all. There is SO much sugar in those recipes. These days I prefer to preserve extra fruit by freezing.
We enjoyed a good chunk of the pile of fruit fresh, though–my favorite way. It’s sad to me to think of all these great summer fruits ending their seasons soon. I’m really going to miss watermelon this year. Fruit has really been a staple this year in keeping my sweet tooth satisfied in a healthy way.
All that to say, this has been another healthy eating week. We ate well in the mountains and I really don’t have any food choices I regret. I didn’t get a ton of exercise in this week, however. I’d love to walk more, and as the weather permits I plan to try. I really miss running; the heat has kept me from it. I’m already plotting my c-section to 10k strategy and looking at races. Also checking out jogging strollers. I have a fantastic Bob double stroller that was a gift after we had our second baby, but I think I might be running with just the baby a good bit while my other kids are in preschool a couple mornings a week. So I’m checking out the single joggers, though I don’t want to spend much. I’ll post about what I go with here. Menu plan coming up include my homemade veggie pizza, a lowfat veggie lasagna, and tabbouleh with our garden’s bounty.
Let me know in the comments how your fitness habits have developed this past week! I haven’t figured out official link-ups quite yet, so if you post about fit Friday on your blog just leave a link in your comment for us to check out!

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  • Diane Fit to the Finish August 26, 2013, 10:06 AM

    I just ordered 28 pounds of peaches and 38 pounds of apples from our Natural Foods Co-Op. I think I’ll be doing a lot of freezing as well!


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